Jim's Most Popular Talks

100 Yards of Success
In this inspiring speech, Jim highlights some of his favorite lessons from his new book.  Your team will learn tools for recruiting and hiring, performance management, building and motivating the team, and some important qualities of the most effective leaders. 


‚ÄčEnergizing Your Organization
Energy, enthusiasm, and positivity are key themes of this motivational and inspirational talk.  If your organization needs a boost, this talk is right for you.  In this speech, Jim teaches how to energize your organization and, in the process, build teamwork and improve morale. 


WOW! Service
Looking to improve your team's customer service?  In this talk, Jim motivates your team to deliver WOW! service.  His philosophy that great customer service starts with your leaders delivering great employee service is a central theme of this fun talk.   

Motivational Speaking

Dr. Jim Earle is an energetic and inspirational speaker.  He delivers customized keynote and motivational talks tailored to meet the needs of your team.  See clips of Jim's recent talks right here and contact us at jvearle@gmail.com to schedule Jim to help you re-energize your organization.


Here is what recent attendees are saying:

"Jim's presentation was amazing!  It was meaningful, encouraging, and I could really apply it to my life and the things that I am involved in."

"Jim Earle was by far the best speaker I have listened to.  I left with a taste of leadership in my mouth, wanting to lead in order to provide a better life for those around me."

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